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October 17th, 2016

Check out Mike on Color Me Local Podcast

Over the summer, Mike sat down with Anna Sharp to discuss jazz music on her podcast, Color Me Local. It was a fun conversation that even included Mike’s dog, Monty! Check it out!

Color Me Local

October 11th, 2016

Roaring Reviewed in Downbeat Magazine


Check out the review for Mike’s latest album, Roaring in the October issue of Downbeat Magazine:

The cover art of Mike Jones’ latest album captures the lighthearted spirit of the music therein, featuring an animated scene in which Jones and his bandmates—bassist Katie Tiroux and drummer Matt Witek—dance the Charleston. Tis is ftting, since Jones and company swing their way through 10 tunes originating in the Roaring ’20s (hence the album title). Notwithstanding his day job as the “house” pianist for magicians Penn & Teller, Jones does not need any sort of musical legerdemain to entertain. He plays well, and has chosen bandmates who share his musical vision. Te trio opens with a straightforward, no-nonsense swing on the chestnut “Yes Sir, Tat’s My Baby,” then decompresses for a laidback take on “If I Had You.” Later, the group embarks on a rollicking romp through Irving Berlin’s “I’ll See You In Cuba,” which captures the lighthearted playfulness found in the lyrics to this anti-Prohibition song. While never straying from their roots, Jones, Tiroux and Witek save the blues for last, with a strong workout on “Am I Blue?”Te playing answers the title’s question, with an unequivocal “yes.”

—Martin Z. Kasdan Jr.
Roaring: Yes Sir, That’s My Baby; If I Had You; I’ll See You In Cuba; Home; Mean To Me; I Found A New Baby; Me And My Shadow; What’ll I Do; I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me; Am I Blue. (61:52)
Personnel: Mike Jones, piano; Katie Thiroux, bass; Matt Witek, drums
Ordering info:

August 20th, 2016

Hear Mike on the radio with Nathan Tannenbaum

Here’s a link where you can download an .mp3 of Mike Jones appearance on #PlayingFavoritesLV. Great stories and coversation – and killer tunes from Penn & Teller’s pianist.

But hurry! The link expires soon. link

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