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  • The most remarkable pure technique of
    any piano player working in jazz today...
    Neil Tesser - Chicago Music
  • Magician's hands aren't quicker than the eye,
    but Jonesy's fingers might be.
    Penn Jillette - Penn & Teller
  • The great living mainstream
    monster of jazz piano.
    Jeff Simon - The Buffalo News

The Latest Album

Coming Soon: The Show Before The Show

If you’ve been to the Penn & Teller show any time in the past 16 years, and arrived early, you’ve seen and heard the Mike Jones Duo, with Penn Jillette on bass. Now, you can take their music home! Coming March 16th on CD, iTunes and Amazon, with liner notes by Teller! A very limited edition of signed and numbered,(by Mike, Penn and Teller) red vinyl and 180 gram audiophile pressings will be available exclusively at the Penn & Teller theater in Las Vegas.