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Okay, this is a little nutty, but I’ve decided to release a huge set of 118 songs from the videos I’ve been posting here since the start of the pandemic last year. It was quite a massive undertaking, and Jennifer Szabo did an amazing job in putting it together. If you want hours of my playing please consider downloading. This will only be on Bandcamp, I’m not putting it on iTunes or Amazon. Thanks so much for watching this last year, and I hope you enjoy!


Penn & Teller are coming back!

It’s been a long year but I’m so happy to announce that Penn & Teller have set a return date after our long pandemic hiatus. We’re coming back on April 22, 2021. We will have numerous safety precautions in place including a volunteer-less show and limited audience capacity.

If you are in Las Vegas, come out to the Rio and see us! Be sure to get there by 8pm to see the jazz preshow.

Penn & Teller at the Rio

Why Am I Hugging This Man?

© 2018 Michael Jackson

© 2018 Michael Jackson

Almost 20 years ago, I met Neil Tesser on a jazz cruise, and he said I should play at the Green Mill in Chicago. I said I’d love to, having known about its legendary status for a while, and he said he’d “talk to Dave”. I figured I had no chance. I had a few cds out, but certainly wasn’t a big enough name to headline a major jazz club. Several weeks later, I got a call from Dave Jemilo, and the rest is history!

About a year later, Neil called me, and asked about my thoughts on Oscar Peterson, for liner notes he was writing about a Verve reissue of “On The Town”. Those liner notes were read by the great magician and pianist Michael Close, who came to see me playing in Las Vegas and brought along his friend Penn Jillette. We got to talking and in February of 2002, I started playing in the Penn & Teller show! So, Neil actually is responsible for my gig at the Green Mill, and with Penn & Teller.

That’s why!

This Weekend!

The big Green Mill performance is this weekend, Friday March 23rd at 9:00pm and Saturday the 24th at 8;00pm.  If you’re planning on coming Saturday, Penn will be sitting in and celebrating the release of our new cd “The Show Before The Show”, so get there early!  Also, since Amazon is currently sold out of discs, we will have them there, and we will be happy to sign them!  See you there!


Welcome to my fancy new website! I’ll stop by this news page from time to time and let you know what’s happening. This week, we’re gearing up for my new cd with Penn, and taping Season 5 of Fool Us at the Penn & Teller theater at the Rio. Thanks so much for checking out the all new!